How You Can Utilize Architrave in Your Home

  • Date: 23 Oct 2018
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You probably noticed that many households in the UK have architrave made from one of these four materials: Hardwood, Softwood, MDF, or HDF. Each one of these great materials has advantages and disadvantages and come with different characteristics, so you might choose one or another depending on what your needs and personal taste are.

Nowadays, some people see pine as being too old-fashioned, while others will say that MDF is way too modern and doesn’t fit the classical architecture of certain buildings. What is important to remember is that if you are considering staining or varnishing your architrave, then you should opt for a high-quality softwood or hardwood. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a material that is durable and easy to paint on, the experts at Skirting World recommend opting for MDF or HDF.

If you will hire a fitter or a joiner, you will probably notice that they have their own preferences and tend to recommend certain materials that they like best. It’s always a good idea to ask more than one professional before making a final decision. Additionally, you should also be informed about all the different ways in which you can utilize architrave in your house. Because using architrave around doors is a very popular practice, we thought that you should learn about the other uses of this interior design feature:

Using architrave around the windows

Although this trend used to be out of fashion, it’s becoming increasingly popular to use architrave around the windows again. Highlighting the windows is a great way to improve the overall aspect of your property. Not many people focus on making the windows look nice and in general, when you look at a window, you will see an opening with a plain cut. Adding an architrave frame, also known as an architrave border, can really make a room look better, especially if the architrave matches other interior design features like the skirting boards, the picture rails, or the dado rails.

Using architrave around a trapdoor

It is not uncommon for people to decorate the hatch that leads to the loft with a nice architrave, especially since having a hole in the ceiling can look quite weird. Imagine how plain and unaesthetic it would look like to have a borderless trapdoor. When it comes to decorating and hiding the edges of trapdoors, the most common architrave styles are Chamfer and Bullnose. Make sure you choose an architrave that matches your skirting in order for the room to look neat.

Using architrave to restore old furniture

Another awesome way in which architrave can be used is for restoring or improving the aspect of old or damaged furniture. Architrave can be fitted around cupboards to create a border that will make the furniture integrate better with the home’s interior décor. Recycling old furniture is becoming more and more popular and utilizing architrave around an outdated item can transform it into a centerpiece.

If you want to use architrave in a creative way, make sure you visit the Skirting World website. Contact the Skirting World specialists to learn more about materials, architrave, and skirting boards.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Fast Business Growth

Did you know that pay-per-click marketing is a great way to accelerate your business growth? Also known as PPC, this SEO technique consists of using search engine ads in order to generate clicks on your website. PPC is especially effective if you are not getting the clicks that you need in an organic way.

If you are not sure whether or not you’ve ever seen PPC Ads before, try to think about the results that you see at the very top when you search for something on Google. These results are market differently than the regular ones and are paid for by the website owners.

Let us explain how this whole process works: Whenever an ad is clicked, a visitor is sent to the website and the website owner or manager pays a small fee, which is why this type of advertising is called pay-per-click. A well-designed PPC campaign that runs smoothly should have a very small fee because you will see sufficient conversion from those clicks to cover the costs effortlessly. For instance, if a business pays $10 per click, but that click leads to a $500 sale, then the campaign is totally worth it.

Here is how Pay-Per-Click Marketing can benefit you:

  • Searchers – Research shows that searchers are more likely to click on PPC campaign ads more often than they are to click on other forms of online advertising. This indicates that searchers do not mind seeing these ads in their search results and that the ads displayed by Google actually fit the user’s needs. And because we so often use search engines when we are looking for services and products, the search results, including the PPC ads, are very likely to be extremely relevant to what we’re looking for because Google is continuously developed better and better formulas which ensure that the majority of PPC ads meet the user’s needs.
  • Advertisers – Advertisers can take advantage of new and effective means of sending their message to a bigger audience who is purposely and specifically looking for their services or products. Seeing how searchers reveal their needs through their search query, the advertising parties are able to analyze the quality of traffic that comes from search engine ad clicks.
  • Search Engines – Pay-Per-Click campaigns enable search engines to offer searchers and advertisers exactly what both parties need. The searcher will become part of the search engine’s user base, while the advertisers will provide a constant stream of revenue, which is precisely why the search engines are striving to provide optimal results.

The biggest advantage of Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns is that all search engines, including Google, are not rewarding the highest bidders only, but they also reward those ads that are high-quality and that searchers click on repeatedly. Basically, what Google does is it rewards performance and quality over financial power. If your ads are high-quality and useful, your chances of getting a better conversion rate at a small cost improve greatly.

Yorkshire’s Best Coastal Villages for Your Holiday

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Do you want to have a different holiday this year than the ones you’ve had before Do you want to relax and go to a place with amazing views? If so, then you should choose one of the lovely coastal villages from Yorkshire, England. If you are in a lack of inspiration then we will help you by offering you a few amazing options so that you find easier to choose the location that will meet all your needs. Therefore, have a close look at the below Yorkshire’s best coastal villages for your holiday.


This wonderful seaside resort has a stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and lots of things to see and to do. You can learn more about the Scarborough’s history by visiting the Scarborough Castle, and also the Rotunda Museum of Geology. If you go to this place then you also need to make sure you spend some time on the seafront in order to enjoy shellfish stalls, the traditional amusement arcades, and beach huts. Furthermore, do not omit to take a ride on the miniature railway, visit the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary and the Sky Trail Adventure. For a relaxing day, you can go boating in Peasholm Park.


This location is famous for many things such as Blue Flag beaches, amazing views, the beautiful Whitby Abbey and Harbour, delicious food, and more. This coastal village wallows in history. This is actually the place where Captain Hook was born and whose famous ship was Whitby-built. There are without a doubt many interesting things to learn about this location, which is a very gorgeous one.


This village is located near the sea and it is excellent for families with young children. It is perfect for taking long walks, relax and watch the sunset, fly a kite, build a sandcastle, and more. Why do we say that Filey is the best place to go with children? Because it is quiet and it has a very large beach where the little ones can comfortably run and play different games. The Coble Landing is a slipway with plenty of picturesque boats and kiosks which you must not forget to visit. The Edwardian architecture of this village is very lovely and the locals are very welcoming.


We finish our list with the wonderful village called Bridlington. Here is certainly something for everyone. Peace and quiet for those who want to relax and contemplate, a clean and clear sea for those who want to swim, a sandy beach for people who want to do sunbathing or those who travel with kids and want to have enough space for playing different games, boat trips that are excellent for relaxation, Bayle Museum and Harbour Heritage Museum that are excellent for anyone who is interested in learning more about Bridlington’s history, and independent shops where you can find many lovely things. Furthermore, you should also try bird watching at Bempton Cliffs as it is without a doubt a unique experience. All in all, you will not be bored in Bridlington even if you are taking a quiet long holiday.



Where to Go in England if You Want to Relax

  • Date: 3 Apr 2018
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Nowadays, lots of people work very much and stress quite a lot for lots of things. Therefore, it is very important that from time to time you take a vacation and go to a place where you can recharge your batteries. From this point of view, England has lots to offer and that’s we recommend you to choose a location from this country. If you have no idea where to go to England if you want to relax, then you will definitely find the answer to your question in this article.

Lundy, Devon

If you want to go in search of tranquility, then you must choose to spend a few days in this amazing place. Only 28 people live in Lundy, Devon, and the views are just spectacular. Leave the busy city behind and go to this location in order to recharge your batteries. Do not forget to take your camera with you as you will have many amazing shots to take.

Horning, Norfolk

This riverside village is very quiet and picturesque, and therefore great for a few days of relaxation. There are some old charming cottages where you can stay. They offer lots of privacy which is exactly what you need for a fantastic relaxation. Here you can enjoy a lovely boat trip on the river and watch the beautiful sunrise. Not only you will be surrounded by nature, but by warm and welcoming people as well, as the locals are very pleasant and chatty.

Chapel Porth Beach, Cornwall

This dramatic cove is located near St Agnes and it is definitely breathtaking. Chapel Porth is best to visit in the summertime when the weather is beautiful and the water is clear, and you can enjoy to the fullest a long walk on the beach. There are a few restaurants and coffee shops where you can stop for a drink and a delicious lunch. Make sure you explore very well this location as it is one of the best in the UK.

Exmoor National Park, West Somerset

This location is actually recognized as an International Dark-Sky Reserve. It is a place with magical landscapes and amazing colors. The Exmoor National Park has a dramatic coast, very dense woodland, and beautiful murmuring rivers. You will absolutely love it. Therefore, make sure you take some days off from work and go to this magical place.

Walberswick, Suffolk

If you do not know where to go in England if you want to relax, then we strongly recommend you Walberswick, located in Suffolk. This coastline is excellent for relaxation and contemplation. It has a picturesque lighthouse, a wonderful pier, and colorful beach huts. The sunset from here is just amazing and you should not miss it. Anyone who wants to experience a deep peace should come to Walberswick.

Cliveden, Berkshire

The meticulous and extremely charming gardens from Cliveden are absolutely amazing. There are nine and you should explore all of them. The views over the lush Berkshire farmland are extremely beautiful. All in all, this is without a doubt a relaxing affair.


What UK Has to Offer in Terms of Tourism

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These days, one of the most popular holiday destinations is England. This country can offer something for each tourist no matter his personal tastes. It can offer tranquility as it has lots of wonderful countryside spots and it can offer a vibrant vacation as there are lots of amazing restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. Furthermore, in Great Britain, you can try plenty of activities such as cycling, riding, swimming, fishing, and more. For a better understanding of this subject, we are going to show you more detailed what the UK has to offer in terms of tourism.

Glamorous and Vibrant Cities

If you are wondering why England is such a touristic country then you must know that there are many strong reasons to be like that. First of all, it has lots of beautiful and vibrant cities where you cannot be bored because you will always find something new and different to do. For example, in London, you can see all the main attractions but you will still have plenty of new locations to see and to discover. Furthermore, the metropolis has something for each of us. It has gorgeous parks, a large range of theatres with various shows, massive shopping malls, big cinemas, stadiums, famous clothes boutiques, lots of markets, cathedrals, castles, and more. Amazing musicals can be watched in nearly every theater and believe us when we say that they are absolutely spectacular. In this city, you can go for many outdoor activities such as running, biking, football, riding, swimming, golfing, and so on. As mentioned earlier you will always find something different and interesting to do. Other glamorous cities that make England a very loved and visited country are Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and Nottingham.

Lovely Countryside Spots

The UK also has many lovely countryside spots where you can have a fantastic time. These areas are a great choice for all those who are long for tranquility and relaxation, and to reconnect with nature. Ashbourne, Derbshire would be an excellent choice. Evershot, Dorset is another beautiful countryside spot in England where you can enjoy long walks surrounded by nature. If this is what you want to do in your vacation then we also recommend you the Lake District, Cornwall, Yorkshire Wolds, and East Lincolnshire. There are plenty of other similar places that will make your holiday an excellent one.

Wonderful Seaside Towns

The UK also has many seaside towns where tourists all over the world come every year in order to spend a lovely time. Brighton is very popular for its seafront. There is actually far more than just the beach in this area, and that’s why many people choose this location. Bangor and Llandudno are other locations near the sea with plenty to offer. If you are interested in spending some quality time in these places then we are sure that you will not regret. As you have read in this article the UK has so many beautiful things to offer that you will probably find quite hard to choose just one place. What we recommend to you is to take more than just one holiday in this gorgeous country in order to get to know it better.






The Most Charming Countrysides of England

  • Date: 1 Feb 2018
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To anyone who is interested in relaxation we recommend the English countryside. There are plenty, each of them with its unique beauty, not to mention the lovely cottages that are all over the UK. If this is what you plan for your next trip then you will see in this article some of the most charming countrysides of England which will help you decide where to actually go.


Most of the people who come to this place have only two things in mind, cheese, and grinning cats. In case you didn’t know, this place is actually Daniel Craig’s birthplace. Cheshire is extremely beautiful and for those who are looking for relaxation and peace, it is excellent. The serene gardens are magical and they blend beautifully and perfectly with the collection of stately homes. Go to this place and explore its cozy country inns, amazing views, and its sweeping vistas.


Essex is another gorgeous countryside from England that is really appreciated not only by locals but by tourists as well. Many country parks are waiting for visitors to have a walk and enjoy their beauty and freshness. Furthermore, Essex also has more than 3500 miles of byways and public rights of way, not to mention the many spectacular gardens with various flowers. The best period to go to Essex is definitely in the summertime when the weather is lovely and you can enjoy long walks and spend lots of time outdoors.


For British people and not only this is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Dorset is the place where nearly 5% of Great Britain’s protected ancient monuments are located. Great landmarks in this region include Cerne Abbas Giant, Maiden Castle, and Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. The place is excellent for walks, exploring, picnic, and more. If you like noisy places then this is not where you should be. On the other hand, if you want tranquility, then Dorset has a lot more to offer. We want to give you a tip in case you would like to come to this place but you do not have a company. In England, you can easily find an escort and this is exactly what we suggest you do so that you can spend a lovely time in Dorset.

East Yorkshire

Hidden valleys from East Yorkshire are waiting for you to discover them. There are miles of countryside and plenty of chalk streams. This lovely countryside is the right place to go and relax after a week of work and stress. You will certainly go back to work with batteries recharged and with the batteries completely recharged.


Many of the English writers have chosen over time and still are this place for writing. Due to its tranquility and beauty, this place helps you relax and it also helps you increase your creativity. The famous Jane Austen spent most of her life here. Many treasures are waiting for you to discover them in Hampshire. Also, make sure you will not forget to watch the sunset from this area of England because it has some beautiful and unique colors.