How You Can Utilize Architrave in Your Home

  • Date: 23 Oct 2018
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You probably noticed that many households in the UK have architrave made from one of these four materials: Hardwood, Softwood, MDF, or HDF. Each one of these great materials has advantages and disadvantages and come with different characteristics, so you might choose one or another depending on what your needs and personal taste are.

Nowadays, some people see pine as being too old-fashioned, while others will say that MDF is way too modern and doesn’t fit the classical architecture of certain buildings. What is important to remember is that if you are considering staining or varnishing your architrave, then you should opt for a high-quality softwood or hardwood. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a material that is durable and easy to paint on, the experts at Skirting World recommend opting for MDF or HDF.

If you will hire a fitter or a joiner, you will probably notice that they have their own preferences and tend to recommend certain materials that they like best. It’s always a good idea to ask more than one professional before making a final decision. Additionally, you should also be informed about all the different ways in which you can utilize architrave in your house. Because using architrave around doors is a very popular practice, we thought that you should learn about the other uses of this interior design feature:

Using architrave around the windows

Although this trend used to be out of fashion, it’s becoming increasingly popular to use architrave around the windows again. Highlighting the windows is a great way to improve the overall aspect of your property. Not many people focus on making the windows look nice and in general, when you look at a window, you will see an opening with a plain cut. Adding an architrave frame, also known as an architrave border, can really make a room look better, especially if the architrave matches other interior design features like the skirting boards, the picture rails, or the dado rails.

Using architrave around a trapdoor

It is not uncommon for people to decorate the hatch that leads to the loft with a nice architrave, especially since having a hole in the ceiling can look quite weird. Imagine how plain and unaesthetic it would look like to have a borderless trapdoor. When it comes to decorating and hiding the edges of trapdoors, the most common architrave styles are Chamfer and Bullnose. Make sure you choose an architrave that matches your skirting in order for the room to look neat.

Using architrave to restore old furniture

Another awesome way in which architrave can be used is for restoring or improving the aspect of old or damaged furniture. Architrave can be fitted around cupboards to create a border that will make the furniture integrate better with the home’s interior décor. Recycling old furniture is becoming more and more popular and utilizing architrave around an outdated item can transform it into a centerpiece.

If you want to use architrave in a creative way, make sure you visit the Skirting World website. Contact the Skirting World specialists to learn more about materials, architrave, and skirting boards.

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