The Most Charming Countrysides of England

  • Date: 1 Feb 2018
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To anyone who is interested in relaxation we recommend the English countryside. There are plenty, each of them with its unique beauty, not to mention the lovely cottages that are all over the UK. If this is what you plan for your next trip then you will see in this article some of the most charming countrysides of England which will help you decide where to actually go.


Most of the people who come to this place have only two things in mind, cheese, and grinning cats. In case you didn’t know, this place is actually Daniel Craig’s birthplace. Cheshire is extremely beautiful and for those who are looking for relaxation and peace, it is excellent. The serene gardens are magical and they blend beautifully and perfectly with the collection of stately homes. Go to this place and explore its cozy country inns, amazing views, and its sweeping vistas.


Essex is another gorgeous countryside from England that is really appreciated not only by locals but by tourists as well. Many country parks are waiting for visitors to have a walk and enjoy their beauty and freshness. Furthermore, Essex also has more than 3500 miles of byways and public rights of way, not to mention the many spectacular gardens with various flowers. The best period to go to Essex is definitely in the summertime when the weather is lovely and you can enjoy long walks and spend lots of time outdoors.


For British people and not only this is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Dorset is the place where nearly 5% of Great Britain’s protected ancient monuments are located. Great landmarks in this region include Cerne Abbas Giant, Maiden Castle, and Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. The place is excellent for walks, exploring, picnic, and more. If you like noisy places then this is not where you should be. On the other hand, if you want tranquility, then Dorset has a lot more to offer. We want to give you a tip in case you would like to come to this place but you do not have a company. In England, you can easily find an escort and this is exactly what we suggest you do so that you can spend a lovely time in Dorset.

East Yorkshire

Hidden valleys from East Yorkshire are waiting for you to discover them. There are miles of countryside and plenty of chalk streams. This lovely countryside is the right place to go and relax after a week of work and stress. You will certainly go back to work with batteries recharged and with the batteries completely recharged.


Many of the English writers have chosen over time and still are this place for writing. Due to its tranquility and beauty, this place helps you relax and it also helps you increase your creativity. The famous Jane Austen spent most of her life here. Many treasures are waiting for you to discover them in Hampshire. Also, make sure you will not forget to watch the sunset from this area of England because it has some beautiful and unique colors.







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