Where to Go in England if You Want to Relax

  • Date: 3 Apr 2018
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Nowadays, lots of people work very much and stress quite a lot for lots of things. Therefore, it is very important that from time to time you take a vacation and go to a place where you can recharge your batteries. From this point of view, England has lots to offer and that’s we recommend you to choose a location from this country. If you have no idea where to go to England if you want to relax, then you will definitely find the answer to your question in this article.

Lundy, Devon

If you want to go in search of tranquility, then you must choose to spend a few days in this amazing place. Only 28 people live in Lundy, Devon, and the views are just spectacular. Leave the busy city behind and go to this location in order to recharge your batteries. Do not forget to take your camera with you as you will have many amazing shots to take.

Horning, Norfolk

This riverside village is very quiet and picturesque, and therefore great for a few days of relaxation. There are some old charming cottages where you can stay. They offer lots of privacy which is exactly what you need for a fantastic relaxation. Here you can enjoy a lovely boat trip on the river and watch the beautiful sunrise. Not only you will be surrounded by nature, but by warm and welcoming people as well, as the locals are very pleasant and chatty.

Chapel Porth Beach, Cornwall

This dramatic cove is located near St Agnes and it is definitely breathtaking. Chapel Porth is best to visit in the summertime when the weather is beautiful and the water is clear, and you can enjoy to the fullest a long walk on the beach. There are a few restaurants and coffee shops where you can stop for a drink and a delicious lunch. Make sure you explore very well this location as it is one of the best in the UK.

Exmoor National Park, West Somerset

This location is actually recognized as an International Dark-Sky Reserve. It is a place with magical landscapes and amazing colors. The Exmoor National Park has a dramatic coast, very dense woodland, and beautiful murmuring rivers. You will absolutely love it. Therefore, make sure you take some days off from work and go to this magical place.

Walberswick, Suffolk

If you do not know where to go in England if you want to relax, then we strongly recommend you Walberswick, located in Suffolk. This coastline is excellent for relaxation and contemplation. It has a picturesque lighthouse, a wonderful pier, and colorful beach huts. The sunset from here is just amazing and you should not miss it. Anyone who wants to experience a deep peace should come to Walberswick.

Cliveden, Berkshire

The meticulous and extremely charming gardens from Cliveden are absolutely amazing. There are nine and you should explore all of them. The views over the lush Berkshire farmland are extremely beautiful. All in all, this is without a doubt a relaxing affair.


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